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"iHireQualityControl provided me with good leads."

Vincient K.

Chicago, IL
"Thank you so very much! This was a much needed position and i am looking forward to working again!"


Saint Louis, MO
"Great list of opportunities that are good match to my experience and skill sets."

Sunnyvale, CA
"You simply kept me in the loop"

Terry K.

Rush, NY
"You have an excellent way to communicate with your customer, it is a great organization of database and information. I am pleased to have the opportunity to use your services in my job hunting. Thanks for your time and consideration."

Julia W.

Raleigh, NC
"I landed my new position through an iHireQualityControl job ad."

Alexander m.

Weston, FL
"This is a great site for finding Quality Control positions, I do recommend it!"

Laurel, MD
"I was able to find a job in my field."

Westley S.

Rockville, MD
"If you are looking for work in Quality Control, this is the site you want to be on. "


Providence, RI
"I believe in the job dashboard because it helped me in many ways during my job hunting and enabled me to land my dream job."

Benson O.

Topeka, KS
" is a very helpful information center with job seeking."

Leo W.

Sunnyvale, CA
"I was very happy to be able find iHire on the internet. It was very simple for me to apply my resume without all the hassle. Also, they provided many job opportunities for viewing, which was great for me. It was quick, easy, and I advise anyone searching for employment to go to iHire."

Khrystyne H.

"Good site for Test Engineering job opportunities."

Jaime L.

Broomfield, CO
"There are few really free things in life....this site is also easy."

Publio M.

Palm Harbor, FL
"Kept me motivated to keep looking for a job. "

Provo, UT
"(iHireQualityControl) gives me many options and lots of hope."

Mick O.

Virginia, MN
"Thanks a lot iHireQualityControl for sending the right Job requirements for me!"

Sourav G.

Olathe, KS
"Tons of job opportunities every day. Easy to track what you've done and when you did it. "

Johnny D.

Riverview, FL
"This is a wonderful site for Quality professionals. Be sure your profile is accurate, and jobs come your day I got a notification for a job less than two miles from home, in exactly the industry I have worked in for 8 years! I even mentioned their name in the response form, because my niche is a small world, just the city they were in told me who they were! The HR director was impressed I knew so much about the company. (I finally admitted that I had done a supply-chain audit there years ago.) Now instead of my old commute of two buses and two trains, EACH WAY, I can walk to work. Unheard of in Southern California! I highly and heartily recommend"

John P.

La Mirada, CA
"My experience with iHire was top notch. The jobs were high quality. The job descriptions were sufficiently detailed and I never had a bogus job. Thank you very much."

Karyn H.

Sandy, UT
"I have used iHire many times for job searching and they are a great service!"

Robert - I have used many IHire many times for…